Relic Guest Curator #003:
Victor Lytvinenko of Raleigh Denim

I met Victor some years ago in Raleigh, NC and at the time Raleigh Denim was just getting off the ground but even then I knew him and his wife Sarah were onto something big.  They make limited edition, hand crafted jeans using extremely traditional methods.  The final product is that each pair is one of a kind.  To quote a design by famous graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister “Obsessions make my life worse and my work better”, and there is much truth to that considering some of the best work I’ve ever seen usually grows out of an artist’s obsession.  Sure some call it passion but when talking to Victor it’s apparent he obsesses over every detail on Raleigh’s jeans, and some are details that the untrained eye will never even catch.  Every stitch, fit, piece of hardware has a story and a reason for being, right down to the custom denim fabric they are now making with Cone Denim Mills.  Victor’s curation for Relic is a collection of polaroids he snapped using PX680 CP Impossible film at Raleigh Denim’s workshop in Raleigh, NC.  Each photo is paired up purposefully to tell a story. We got on the phone with Victor to have him walk us through each pairing of polaroids, click the link below to hear each polaroid explained. 

Raleigh Denim:

Portrait shot with
Film: PX 680 Color Protection  ||  Camera: SLR 680Relic & Impossible

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